April 6, 2021

EP-277 | 75th Ranger Regiment Medical Section

The third stanza of the Ranger creed is "Never shall I leave a fallen comrade …" and Ranger medics are some of the best trained to save lives on the battlefield. 

"Absolute Mastery of the Basics has always been a standard to live by within the 75th Ranger Regiment. The mastery of casualty response and medical skills at all levels has saved numerous Ranger lives. Through lessons learned, and adapting and adopting evolving technologies and capabilities, the Regiment will continue to move forward in tactical healthcare. The 75th Ranger Regiment continues to employ the best Casualty Response Program in the DOD."
Source: 75th Ranger Regiment Facebook 4/24/2015

We sat down with several members of the 75th Ranger Regiment Medical Section at their Regimental HQ to talk about what it takes to be a Ranger Medic.

Contact your local US Army recruiter or 75th Ranger Regiment Recruiting at 75recruit@socom.mil if you have questions.
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